Finally, A Wide Ratio Transmission If the DRZ has an Achilles Heel when used as a dual sport adventure bike it is the narrow ratio transmission. My riding consists of a mix of paved and non-paved roads and, as any DRZ owner will confirm, you just can’t get the right sprockets on the DRZ to meet the need. Application: 00-04 DRZ400 / 00-07 DRZ400E / 00-18 DRZ400S / 05-18 DRZ400SM. All front and rear sprockets are manufactured to O.E.M., specs using high grade hardened steel. Front Sprocket 15 T DRZ400 DRZ400E DRZ400S DRZ400SM | eBay Gearing 9 years, 7 months ago #2. I've changed from a 14 - 47 to a 14 -42 gearing, this did mean I had to remove two links from the chain. Now when sitting on 100 km/h the engine is pulling 6300 RPMs and at 110 km/h it is pulling 6900 RPMs. Apr 25, 2008 · Okay so I have a completly stock klx 110 and I want to be able to wheelie it better and have more bottom end torque. I was wondering what size I should get the back sprocket? 40t? or should I go more? I wasnt planning on getting a smaller front sprocket either. Any recommendations? What setup... Does the DRZ 12 tooth sprocket fit on the LTZ spline....or DRZ-E? If yes, is it a certain year? I bought a 12t listed on ebay as a "DRZ400 12t". When it got here the package said: RM250 ,RMX250, and LT250R on it. So I contacted the seller who said that this sprocket will also fit the DRZ400, but didn't think that the DRZ sprocket fit on the LTZ. How cool are these, new Suzuki DRZ400 heavy duty case savers, eliminate your cover and replace with this new B&B designed unit. Necessary case saver for the event of a possible chain failure or derailment and now with the outer protection cage making it all to easy for cleaning and maintenance, brilliant. ! Buy your Supersprox Suzuki DR/DRZ/RM/RMX Front Sprocket online at MXstore. Australian owned, amazing service & fast free shipping* on over 100,000 products. Moonrise time today njBuy Volar Chain and Sprocket Kit - Heavy Duty for 2000-2020 Suzuki DRZ400S: Chain & Sprocket Kits - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Jul 16, 2014 · Displaying parts for your 2018 SUZUKI DR-Z 400S. Change or remove machine. ... Suzuki DRZ 400 Adventure Bike Build ... Primary Drive Sprocket Bolt and Nut Kit $6.99 ... For more information on lowering a DRZ400 for adventure riding click here: Lowering the suspension of an adventure bike. There are a number of aftermarket seats available for the DRZ400 that will lower the bike up to 1 inch without having to touch the suspension. This is a very cost-effective way to lower a DRZ400 up to 1 inch. Buy Parts Unlimited 520 Front Sprocket starting at 10. FREE Shipping and Fast Delivery. Suzuki DRZ400 is the off-road kick start only model. The S model comes stock with a 15T front sprocket. DRZ400 jet change instructions. 48 springs are 25% stiffer than stock and will be a great choice for the riders and gear up to 75kgs. As a general rule, for every "tooth" change on the front sprocket you're changing the rear sprocket by approximately three to four "teeth." If you are looking for a subtle change in your gearing, add or reduce 1-2 teeth on the rear sprocket. Although gearing ratios aren't as critical to off-road riders as they are street applications, it's ... Onedrive photos on apple tvTongue wash