It penetrated 4", pretty much the same as the birdshot tnoutdoors9 tested in ballistic gel. While it's nice of Quinn that show that ballistic gel is actually a suitable simulation of meat, all he's really said is that he doesn't agree with the International Wound Ballistics Association or FBI that 12" of penetration is a good minimum. Ramayan ramanand sagar full episode in hindi hd 1080pBuckshot vs. Birdshot. by Kyle Wintersteen - Thursday, November 15, 2012. ... Birdshot has slowed quite a bit by the 25-yard mark, so it could take more than a few pellet strikes to get the job done. May 10, 2008 · The birdshot, even at extremely close range, will only penetrate about 6 inches of ballistic gel, while penetration of 12 inches of ballistic gel is generally considered the minimum effective depth to stop an attacker. With birdshot, the attacker may well be fatally wounded, but in the many minutes or hours it takes before the attacker succumbs to their wounds, they still can kill you or a loved one. Birdshot for HD? (I'm on a roll) quote: Birdshot will do the job with the right variables, whereas buckshot will do the deed much more often. Amen brotha! Full frontal shot with birdshot. Yeah, probably will get the job done. But that ain't how it always goes down. In March of 2014, we began communicating with Ballistic Products, Inc. regarding the terminal ballistic testing of some of their shotshell products and the ultra slow motion recording of the interaction of the shot pellets with ballistic gelatin blocks.with ballistic gelatin blocks. Testing the Remington Slugger, 12 gauge 3" Magnum 1 oz Foster rifled slug (hollow base) in a ballistic gel format at a distance of 20 feet. Using SIM-TEST Ballistic Testing Media that has been rec... Aug 07, 2017 · Ballistic experts recommend using projectiles that will penetrate a minimum of 12″ of ballistic gel. For shotguns that starts at about #4 buckshot. This is what I load my 870 with. This Ballistic Gelatin block was most unhappy. Even the wad penetrated about an inch and a half. From the 10 foot distance, most of the pellets penetrated about 4 ¾ inches. Apr 07, 2014 · Ballistic gel is not a body, and it’s not intended to simulate a body, and 4” of penetration in gel doesn’t mean 4” of penetration in a body. To demonstrate that, I went and shot a variety of low-power projectiles to show just what kind of rounds can penetrate 3.5” to 4” through ballistic gel. Shotshell Ballistics For 7 ½, 8, & 9 Shot Maximum Distance, Angle, And Height of Travel . Exteri or Bal I isfics Cal c u lator Vercion 4.02 BETA YERSTOA/ Davinci resolve only importing audioJul 25, 2018 · It doesn’t, if all else is the same. If the weight of buckshot = birdshot = slug and they are fired at the same velocity and all other factors are held equal they will have the exact same recoil. Cockapoo michigan rescue